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Mamma brings more natural things together for beautiful results!


HomeopathicMamma carries a wide range of high quality, more natural skin care products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular items are shown. They are synthetic fragrance free, paraben free, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free and alcohol free. Please browse our offerings below and note that most of our products are a generous 16 oz size. Remember, Mamma wants you to feel good!

A satisfied customer explains, "I have tried many different products over the years. Most lotions make my legs break out in a rash. I have either had to use something really expensive or from a dermatologist to moisturize my legs. So, I would be using a specific product for my legs and something less expensive for the rest of my body. With OliveMe Lotion, it is reasonably priced, and I can use ONE PURE MOISTURIZING LOTION over my entire body, and it works, with NO RASH OR BREAKOUTS!"

Mary Jo B., Lenexa KS

OliveMe Lotion

Mamma likes this lotion as a lighter version of her OliveMe Creme. OliveMe Lotion is infused with olive oil and will feed every inch of your skin. It works wonderfully on mature and dry skin, too. OliveMe Lotion can also be used as a rich night lotion. Apply from head to toe to bring deep moisture and hydration to your skin. 8 OZ, Vegan. $12.00

Soothing Salt Soak

Mamma likes this Salt Soak after a tiring day. Let your muscles relax with this deep tissue bathing sensation. One quarter cup or more poured into running bath water to soothe and calm. Free of preservatives. Mamma wants you to stay calm and soak on! 1 lb. ~ $13.50

Aloe Jelly Jiggle

Mamma's jelly jiggle is thick, simple, synthetic fragrance free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. Use this clear aloe jelly after sun exposure, as a cooling mask, as a shaving jelly, and for head to toe hydration. Soothing aloe makes this the perfect product for any use. Mamma says a little goes a long way! Mamma recommends aloe for life's bites and burns. Vegan. 95% organic. Large size, 16 oz. ~ $ 16.00 Smaller size, 8 oz~ $8.00


Molluscum treatment for the skin for wart outbreaks. $26.00

Another Mamma believer reports, "I started using Aloe Jelly Jiggle for shaving because my wife happened to have it on our bathroom countertop. ONCE I STARTED USING IT, I HAVEN'T GONE BACK TO MY OLD SHAVING CREAM. I like the way my razor glides easily when I use it. I don’t have any more “chicken neck” or red raised areas from shaving. I get a great, clean shave every time and it smells nice and clean, not strong and perfumey!"

Rich P., Kansas City, MO