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ZZZZZZZ What's the BUZZ about the BEES? ZZZZZZZ

Posted on April 14, 2017 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (3)
The other day Mamma was talking with some beekeepers about local honey production for a new product based with honey.  After discussing the benefits of local raw honey vs. mass produced honey,  the conversation changed to how the beekeepers were concerned with the dwindling bee population .

For years the population of bees has been declining. There have been many theories for habitat loss including forestry practices, cell phone frequencies and pesticides.  How do you know? Can it be a combination of many things ?  Sometimes it's hard to know.   One theory is the overuse of a toxic chemical by the name of Glyphosate.  Here is a current study to ponder,  The concern in the study shows that the glyphosate in RoundUp affected the ability of the bees to track and find food as well as Colony Disorder, which inhibits the bees memory to return to the hive.  When bees are unable to return to the hive they die. 
So, what can you do?  How can you stay informed?   Mamma likes an  informative  website that can show you pesticides detected in hives  and colony loss results by state. The link is

Remember it's always smart to be your own best advocate and to do your homework!  Mamma wants you to feel good!