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Sweetmyx, is it safe?

Posted on June 11, 2014 at 4:26 PM Comments comments (0)
We all love sugar, right?  Mamma loves it just as much as the next person.  It's tasty, it lifts your spirits and makes you happy!!  Sugar is a natural substance that we use to flavor drinks and many foods.  The key word here is "natural".   Your body recognizes it and can metabolize it.  It is something to enjoy but also to limit.  It can be dangerous to have too much sugar in our daily diets. 
A new additive , Sweeymyx, ( also known as S617 by SENOMYX)  is going to be used to flavor Pepsi's non-alcoholic beverages.   The general thought is that the sweeymyx will replace the amount of sugar in the cola, thereby reducing the amount of sugar.  Our bodies recognize sugar and really there is ALOT of sugar in so much of our food.  
Since Sweetmyx is an "additive", do we know how it will affect our bodies long term?  How will it interact with other additives or colorings already in food?  Click the link below to read what Bruce Bradley, a food blogger, thinks about Sweetmyx.  He has an interesting perspective since he came from the processed food industry.  You decide for yourself what you think of Sweetmyx.  Remember, "Mamma wants you to feel good!"