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Mamma's juicing some GRASS!

Posted on June 5, 2013 at 12:53 PM Comments comments (5)
ALABASTER 1 - Homeopathic MamaThis morning Mamma was getting ready to mix her protein shake.  She noticed on the window ledge  in her kitchen that her wheat grass had grown significantly  and was ready to harvest.  Since she likes to juice her wheatgrass, she decided to add it to her shake to give her an  extra energy boost in the morning. 
Wheat grass is said to have many health and healing benefits.  Many people extol wheat grass as a super food.  Mamma likes her wheatgrass fresh juiced using her wheatgrass juicer!

 Just remember,  not all juicers can juice wheatgrass.  You need to get one specifically for wheatgrass and other leafy greens.  Mamma likes the Lexan Products GP 27 for juicing.   The website has a lot of really good information about wheatgrass.  Do you juice wheatgrass?  Or do you buy it frozen or dried?  Talk to Mamma and let her know your experience with wheat grass.  Mamma wants you to live a healthy and fulfilled life!